Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hiii fellow friends!

Wow it's been over 3 months!! I can't believe it! Summer is OVER!.. oh well! winter time is my FAVORITE!!=) Well, we might be moving. I don't know yet. I hope we can though. I think it will be best..although I will miss everything here

school has started.. sissy hates it. =(. I feel bad for her.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hey Everyone. . .

wow, it's been over a month since my last update, shocking. But umm. .IT'S ALREADY JULY!! wowwwww! half of 2006 is already OVER! shockkkkingggggg! That means I only have a few more years to live =(.

Well things have been good, mommy is in Hawaii right now with her friends having fun, every night before sissy&i go to bed I have to sleep on top of her pillow so I can smell her, it's quite depressing.

In a few hours sissy&daddy are leaving and going to Logan for this volleyball crap sis has to go to. *rolls eyes*. OHHH WELL.

Well, I'd better go, sissy wants the computer. stupid slut.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hey Goregous!

WOW seems like the past few times I've updated it's been winter. Well, now it's *SUMMER* w0o0ot wo0ot what now bitches?! =) hah.

Well sissy is out of school and as you can tell, it IS summer. YES! It has been all right. Very boring, and now that sissy actually has friends to hang out with, I'll be alone :'(. Sadness. Ohh yes sissy's BEST FRIEND ever, left her to go to Texas. We don't know when and if she'll be back =(.
ahhhh so upset, I hate to see sissy sad, she was a MESS. I cried in my little head too.

Ohhh&mommy said she was getting Sami a pool. A baby pool that is. She said she'd get me one too but I hate being wet, so she'll buy me a nice bone instead. Ir maybe even some treats YES! Welp sista's and brotha's I'm out!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey Kiddies..

ughhh..looks like I'm stuck updating. GREAT hehe just kidding. Well, okay I'm just not getting this weather?? It's spring for goodness sake! I want WARM WEATHER. Ecspecailly tomorrow, because sissy its going on a feild trip to Kings Island =)! So exciting..but it's supposed to be cold and a 60% chance of showers. =(.. poo

Well, Sami&I got into a fight yesterday. She pinned me up against the stove.. haha! Well she's like a one year old girl. Who does she think she is?? I tell ya, this world is going to hell each second of the day. AHHH. I mean these Wal-Mart magizenes, look at em.. long story.

Umm, sissy forgot her camera at Taylor's, so no new pics of me =(. Oh well, no one ever comes here anyway!! :(.. Well children I don't have a lot more to say. Peace out!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hey Citizens of America

Well, it looks like summer outside. COOL. Today there was a big dog outside! Sis about freaked. Thankfully she was inside or else she would have flipped her
uhh.. I don't know.... flipped her.. umm... I don't know. Oh well! But later she found out it was her Uncle's dog, fortunatly.

21 days of school days left! YES! WHATCHA GON' DO NOW BITCH?.. hah black talk, I love it. Here's a great example of everyday black talk...BUT WAIT READ::: This is SERIOUSLY how people from Sissy's school talks. Like on their xangas, this is seriously a clone of one of their updates, and don't ask what "what it'd do0" ..means cause we don't know?!

"Hey Baba!!! watd it do0? ahh not shit hurr bored outta mi motha fukkin mind!! damn babi burl how hav thangs been latleyyyyy?? ..mann not shit hurr! me&phil r doin GREAT. i cant believe dat we've been goin out for 3 whole months now! well mi lyfe is kinda fukked ^ rite now cuz of all dem btichez startin all that damn drama! ight well imma out! peace out biotch!

Later Gators. Hope you enjoyed my black talk =).


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hey Kids..

Well I can't believe it's almost May! One more day and it will be! Holy crap..last thing I knew Valentines Day seems like it was here! :S.. ohh well it means *summer* is here! YEAH! Sissy is promising Sami&I a baby pool for us to stay cool with in the summer. But I hate to get wet!! So Sami, you're on your own sista!

Bad News: Mommy left Friday morning for a buisness trip in St. Louis =(. tears.. & get this ----> she won't be home until this THURSDAY!! :'(. It makes me sad! Ohh well I guess, just as long as she gets home safe life will be grand.

Man, I wish that I had some friends. Sami&Emmi are my only dogs that I actually do shit with. If you're a lonely dog like me, give me a ring and get your ace out here and play with me :)!!!

Well children.. I think it's my time to go to bed. not really. but I will go. See you all!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hello Children Of The Corn!!!

I know, I know! It's been a long time since I've updated, sissy is on the computer 24/7 and I never get a chance to get on. Well it's finally SPRING!!! =) yay! I finally got to go outside a lot this week and play while everyone was outside & cooking out! That is always SO fun! It's so warm out, and sissy took off her electric blanket today off of the bed, so now I won't be so damn hot at night!

Well that would be me (a stud!!!) ^^ up there. In warm clothes on sissy's bed. Guess what?!? My 3rd favortie holiday is tomorrow!!!! EASTER! =) ..sissy calls today Easter Eve, and even though we're old, we are still going to color eggs! I love that, so pretty! Tomorrow mommy&daddy promised they'd be nice to me all day! :) I hope everyone has a great Easter. p.s. I hope I get a bone :).. heheheh

Today is a very special young girl's 1st Birthday! Which would be 7 in dog years, correct? Hell I don't know squat.... Well I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Miss. Emmi Lou. Sorry I couldn't see you, maybe tomorrow!?.. It's Easter for crying out loud!!!

Well this weekend has been sissy's "spring break".. even though it's on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! It's only Saturday and she's been gone since Thursday afternoon!!!! She's a busy woman I tell ya. So I've been stuck here with SAMI! Oh joy =).
=) Have A Super Easter <33>